1. What happens at Trece Uho (Third Ear) Festival?

For 5 days every November in the exquisitely preserved old town of Dubrovnik, Trece Uho (Third Ear) Festival showcases one country by holding various cultural events representing that part of the world. This year we are celebrating ITALY. Yearly, we collaborate with a musical guest, a visual artist, a culinary expert, lecturers, as well as hold workshops and film screenings. The audience are Dubrovnik citizens as well as some tourists visiting in the off-season. Our mandate includes involving as many levels of our community as possible, including schools, and forming artistic collaborations between international guests and Dubrovnik citizens/artists.

2. How much do events cost?

All events are free.

3. Who funds the festival?

The festival is run entirely on volunteer power, meaning Staff and Volunteers. The City of Dubrovnik mainly funds, and we’ve always had a major helping hand from the Consulate General’s office of every country represented. Private businesses such as hotels and restaurants donate goods such as meals and transportation.

4. Who can perform/exhibit at Trece Uho (Third Ear) Festival?

Trece Uho (Third Ear) Festival reaches out to the artists, musicians and lecturers from the region we are showcasing. We invite guests who we feel are a good fit (crossing musical/cultural boundaries, open to collaboration). We don’t openly call for artists but you are always welcome to contact us and introduce yourself!

5. Who volunteers for the festival?

Commonly locals. Volunteering is a relatively new concept in Dubrovnik and one of the single most important tasks we do is to introduce volunteering as a way of life, as it is in other countries. We welcome international volunteers, though we can only help finance your accommodation if you are from the country that Trece Uho is celebrating that year.

6. Why the name “Third Ear”?

“Our third ear is a sense that leads us further to meet what is seemingly far away but in fact very close. The festival is a medium through which we connect and get closer to diversity, then by celebrating creativity we come to discover similarity in that contact with one another.” – Trece Uho staff

7. Who organises this festival?

Trece Uho Festival is brought to you by the Association for Civil Development Bonsai:

Association Bonsai (since 2008) is a non-denominational and non-political NGO whose mission is to enrich culturally, to educate, support youth, and to cultivate social service through volunteering. Bonsai has 2 major efforts stemming from its NGO: the main event is TRECE UHO (THIRD EAR) FESTIVAL, and its main project is the DUBROVNIK VOLUNTEERING CENTER, which has been a catalyst in Dubrovnik’s volunteering movement (a relatively new concept in our region).

Dubrovnik Volunteering Center just launched an online web service called BURZA DOBROTE (or, the GOODWILL MARKET) which links volunteers to the organisations who need their help. Advanced workshops are also held for NGOs and for people who want to learn to be Volunteer Coordinators.

The festival follows the ideals of its root NGO. All foreign performers/guests in some way either promote cultural collaboration, partake in some volunteering, uphold the ideals of tolerance and cultural appreciation, or support youth.

Also, it is our mission to offer our community enriching events outside of the tourist season. Primarily, as Croatia enters the EU, our festival aims to strengthen our own society locally by promoting social and global awareness, as well celebrating diversity.